Coaching Experience Concept

The integrated coaching experience portfolio addresses

individual leadership development with focus on

Inspirational Leadership (PERSONALITY BLACKSMITH®

Workshops), Future-Oriented Management

(EVOLLENCE® Workshops) and Emotional Quality of Life

(ENDORPHIN FACTORY® Workshops). Reflecting your own

context and transferring the resulting competence is the

centrepiece of the one-to-one workshops. Results can be put

to practice immediately.

Coaching Experience Program

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Learning Design

REFLECT 2 PERFECT® Learning Experience Design provides creative and competent services for organizations, educational institutions, consulting companies and trainers for the digital transformation of knowledge transfer using the Articulate 360 authoring tool.


Blended Learning Design combines virtual and traditional onsite classroom training in an educationally meaningful way so that learning objectives can be achieved effectively.


E-Learning Design provides educationally meaningful and creative self-learning formats that enable learners to reach their goals at their own pace and place.


Concept Design provides educationally meaningful and creative playbooks for blended learning and e-learning formats.


Micro-Learning Collection Design provides short learning units, each of which considers a given topic in isolation but taken together reflect a comprehensive program.


Organizational Intelligence Design captures and shapes organizational knowledge, which is critical to achieve business objectives.


Experience Knowledge Design provides valuable insights built on years of experience from subject matter experts and made accessible to others within the company.

Coaching Atelier


At the COACHING ATELIER, people develop solutions based

on their individual reflections in order to achieve their goals

and realize changes.




This coaching program focuses on developing your personal style and

your charisma based on your inner nature and authenticity. You will

learn to step outside your usual habits, encountering both challenging

situations and emotions until you can declare this initially unfamiliar

behavioral environment your new comfort zone. You develop the ability

to positively shape the interaction between you and your environment

with the goal to be more successful and satisfied. Personality

development is a continuous process that lets you experience the

sensation of becoming one with yourself.


Potential development presents a way to channel new opportunities,

investingating and analyzing until you have gained clarity in what it is

that you actually want from life. Potential development helps to find a

vision and create a realistic implementation concept. Every person

carries their individual set of top-class talents, interests and passions.

Acknowleding these traits, realizing them in a practical context and

feeling the empowerment that comes with it paves the ground for a

fulfilling life.



A professional restart can have different causes. A job loss, the desire to

change employers or the decision to devote to completely different

topics than before. In this coaching you identify your individual

uniqueness and put it in the context of the new direction to be taken. An

authentic and innovative application that emphasizes your personality

and the preparation to present yourself as an impressive personality, is

completing this coaching.

About Sonja Lehnen

Sonja Lehnen’s talent is recognizing talent in others, having people reflect the right issues, presenting complex issues in clear and simple terms, designing experienced focussed learning concepts, sensing unresolved issues intuitively and identifying possible solutions.


Seeing people development as her core service competence, her passion is to support others on their way to success.


Born in 1967, Sonja Lehnen is a certified LX designer (Shapers), design thinker (HPI), elearning author, blended learning designer, change manager, EFQM Master Assessor, European Business Coach (PAS 1029), mental trainer, economic mediator, business constellations conductor, Insights MDI® licensed partner, relationship coach, grief mentor, burnout consultant, Hippocrates LifestyleTM Medicine Coach (Hippocrates Health Institute FL, USA) and fashion designer.


Sonja Lehnen builds on her many years of experience as a leader in international business and in consulting the areas of human resources and organizational development.


Motivation & Style of Work

She doesn’t just dream it, she does it

Looking back on many years of observing her own work environment, the contents of her coaching sessions as well as guided interviews with employees and managers, Sonja Lehnen recognized a service demand that inspired her to develop REFLECT 2 PERFECT®.
Among others, the goal of her products is to transform practical leadership, management and mindsetrelated phenomena for the better.
Serving as a catalyst of insight, she ideally helps others turn their reflections into value.
The centerpiece of REFLECT 2 PERFECT® is the development of tailored learning experiences that allow learners to achieve their learning goals at their own rhythm and to grow beyond themselves as a result.
Sonja Lehnen is part of a network of consultants, trainers and coaches who share her high quality standards and values.

Mission Statement & Target Group

Burning for what she wants to ignite in others

REFLECT 2 PERFECT® Learning Experience Design helps people in organizations unfold their potential for becoming inspiring leaders, managers fit for the future and highly committed employees so as to make a business innovative, attractive, sustainable and successful from the inside out.
REFLECT 2 PERFECT® stimulates the mental flexibility of humans and organizations to promote the new.
REFLECT 2 PERFECT® contributes to the digital transformation of knowledge transformation in the economy with creative and competent services.
REFLECT 2 PERFECT® Learning Experience Design is suited for:
Organizations that aim for sustainable improvement in their performance by means of their people's skill development – leaders & managers who feel inspired by the offer – future leaders who want to be optimally prepared for future challenges – educational institutions, consulting firms and trainers who value a competent service for the digital transformation of their educational formats in blended learning and e-learning.


REFLECT 2 PERFECT® is built on the following assumptions:

  • People in organizations are resourceful humans
  •   People carry more potential than they are aware of
  •   An optimal fit between talent sets, interests, tasks, subjective meaning and creative freedom inspires people to contribute with maximum performance
  •   It is not the amount of individual talents but rather the quality of relationships between people that makes corporate success possible
  •   Unresolved interpersonal conflicts are intense and often invisible cost drivers in daily worklife
  •   Personalities who are self-aware and express their inner mindsets have high-class relationship competence and are an inspiration to others
  •   As soon as we acknowledge our limits, we can transcend them
  •  – Experiental learning makes a significant contribution to people's potential development


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